Logo Rundown April

Welcome to the logo rundown, your snapshot into what’s happening in the world of logos and branding for the month


Buick is tweaking their logo. Honestly, this is a long time coming. I know they’ve had a sort of revitalized campaign with Payton Manning over the past decade and sort of a fresher, hipper commercial set – but to me, when I think of Buick, I think hoopdie wagon. My dad was given a Buick that was my grandparents’…the thing was a boat…my other grandparents had a Buick too…it just seemed like a senior citizen vehicle…

Now…I’m not saying they can’t re-invent the brand…the new vehicles I’m seeing here aren’t terrible…just basic cars – anyway – it’s hard to believe I’ve been doing these for a year and there have been quite a few car brands giving their logos an overhaul – typically I’m thinking most of the logos are designed with backlighting them in mind – streamlining them for a more tech, electric vibe.

The first picture I saw of it was the trademark file and had assumed it would be just the outline, like what Cadillac is going to do, but the leaked photo above, we see that they are still incorporating the red, white, blue motif. So, in sum – the shields went from being diagonally arranged, they’re straight across and the line in the shields went from being straight across to slanted.


Vanderbilt has changed their logo from a star with a typewriter font “V” in it, to just a plain, fat, bold “V” with gold gradient (pictured). Reaction to this has not been favorable from what I can see. This is seen as generic…but listen…I don’t want to go over the top here, so hold me back…but a star with a letter in it…their old logo…not exactly something that screams ‘unique’ and ‘one of a kind’…I don’t see a star and immediately think “Vanderbilt”…IDK…maybe I’m just the wrong guy.

This “V” logo…ok, sure, it is what it is…but Vanderbilt is what it is…it’s Vanderbilt…their nickname is the Commodores…to me, if they really wanted to be unique and bold, they should make their logo the iconic Commodore 64 computer complete with floppy disc drive – THAT would be original. But this “V”…ok…it’s not terrible and it’s not anything fantastic.

Actually, and I don’t have it in front of me but this looks like it could be the Fortnite font – Not saying it is, just that I could see this in the game


Adidas first introduced the mountain range style logo using the existing 3 stripe logo about 30 years ago. To date, the word, “adidas” has been included with the logo – but Adidas believe they’ve finally made it…along with Apple…Nike…Starbucks…they’re at a place in which they’re comfortable letting the logo be the sole recognition of the brand. – I’m pretty sure they’re there with the mountain range arrangement like this…of course, when you’re a multi-billion-dollar company, banking all marketing and recognition of 3 lines on the biggest marketing stage in the NFL uniform…you’re letting go of the edge of the pool and starting to see if you can tread water.

Uncle Vanya

This logo looks familiar…but where have we seen it?

So, since hundreds of corporations pulled out of Russia, including one McDonands – Russia might be looking to simply replace the food chain with a…familiarly branded “Uncle Vanya” restaurants…(the ‘B’ is the cryllic alphabet for “V” and look like a rotated “M”…so they’re replacing the golden arches with the golden…eh, I apologize, I got nothing witty at the moment.

So notice this is being trademarked in Russia…IP theft, happening big time in China and Russia. But what are they going to name everything?? The Big…big what…Big Van? Chicken Van Nuggets…IDK…sounds pretty Dutch.

Warner Bros.

Warner Bros is hitting the 100 year mark – pretty impressive for any company…btw Adidas is 97 – so they’re doing what often entities do, they impose their brand in the number they’re highlighting. This logo has just a thin font with the company water tower in the middle number and the ‘WB’ shield on it. I don’t know if this will actually be used anywhere…looks like the sort of thing that might be on a couple of banners at an office party.

Cleveland Cliffs

Cleveland Cliffs as I understand it is a company that makes steel cut oats I think…I only include this because the logo there will be featured on the Cleveland Cavalier jerseys moving forward.

I know soccer uniforms have long had some sponsor’s logo on the jersey…but this is a recent development in real sports. I know the NBA has been hemorrhaging fans and this is a way to look to recoup some of that lost revenue. I’m at a point in which I’m beyond buying a sports team jersey, at least for myself…but I would not want to buy a jersey with some random company sponsor on it. That’s just me. We’ll give Adidas and Nike a pass because they made the uniform – even that though is getting a bit intrusive and in some cases matching in presence the team insignia…

So that’s what we’ve got going this month. Thanks for stopping by – I’m a starving artist and if you need something for the home of office, some real, one of a kind paintings or limited prints, check me out – always running some type of flash sale and I’ll be back soon with another post, have a great week



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