Logo Rundown June

McDonalds Following all the Ukrainian stuff, Russian McDonalds has decided to change its logo to what you see to the right. It’s removed the ‘M’ golden arches for what is supposed to represent a burger and fries… The green with the muted orange…not appetizing…pretty gross actually It looks a lot like the upside-down version ofContinue reading “Logo Rundown June”

Logo Rundown April

Welcome to the logo rundown, your snapshot into what’s happening in the world of logos and branding for the month Buick Buick is tweaking their logo. Honestly, this is a long time coming. I know they’ve had a sort of revitalized campaign with Payton Manning over the past decade and sort of a fresher, hipperContinue reading “Logo Rundown April”

NHL New Stanley Cup Finals Logo and Shameless SP

Hi everyone – this is typically the sort of thing I’d just set aside for the first of the month Logo Rundown series – but I am a hockey fan – GO CANES – and plus…I figured I throw another plug for my shop which I’m revamping – currently on 10% discount and for aContinue reading “NHL New Stanley Cup Finals Logo and Shameless SP”

Logo Rundown March

This is the logo rundown, your monthly snapshot into what’s going on in the world of logos and branding. Mozilla You’ll notice a trend with the first three on the list today. They’re all software companies – but also, you’ll notice…well, I’ll go into that in a sec. So most of us, when we thinkContinue reading “Logo Rundown March”

Logo Rundown November

This is the logo rundown, your snapshot into what’s going on in the world of logo designs. We took a little break over the past few months from looking at the good, bad and ugly, but we’re back with some new contenders. Facebook/Meta Everyone’s probably aware now that Facebook has rebranded to “Meta”…I’m sure thereContinue reading “Logo Rundown November”

Logo Rundown – August

This is the Logo Rundown, your monthly glimpse into what’s going on out there in the world of branding and logos. Yelp I noticed this on my phone in real time – Yelp changed from the 3 color flat icon to a 2 color brighter red and white with the sort of frosted overlay thatContinue reading “Logo Rundown – August”