Little Weekend Update

I painted 2 abstracts last week, I think they look pretty nice and I’m looking forward to finding a local spot to show them. Oil on canvas 28×22 inches.

Over the weekend I participated in a little popup event, I didn’t get to take the 2 abstracts with me because they are both still wet and I had nowhere to really put them – I don’t normally find myself in these but I’m going to try to hit a few more of these this year, because selling online – particularly art – is not in my experience something easily accomplished, but when people see my work in person, there’s more interest and something usually gets bought or a commission is worked out. I can post to social media daily and write here and spend hours tweaking Etsy keywords, but nothing really compares to just going somewhere in person.

It was only my 2nd one I’ve been involved in and when I saw the amount of space I had, I went home quick and made this display out of whatever scraps I could find around the shop. I think it turned out pretty nice.

I’m eyeing joining an event at the 311 Gallery in Raleigh one day in May. If you’re in North Carolina and want to check out my work in person, I’ll keep an update on that and I’ll try to step up my display game before then if I’m able to participate. Otherwise, that’s the post for now, heading to a hockey game. Have a great day

Here’s the store

Here’s the website

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