Logo Rundown – July

This is the logo rundown, your glimpse into what’s happening this month in the world of logos and branding.

Google Fuchsia OS

Fuchsia is Google’s operating system and this is the patent they recently filed – probably going to eventually be fuchsia…hopefully! So this is pretty cool, sort of an italicized ‘g’ of sorts. Looks sharp, but not iconic the way the previous iteration was. This logo will have a short shelf life.


YouTube’s Studio logo switched from gears to a hexagon. People panic.


BET’s new logo signifies the switch to the company’s streaming service – if you’re watching on TV, you get the BE above the T*. If you’re watching on their service, you get the BE above the T+. The previous logo had been in place for 16 years and the company is marketing the new logo as the “liberated” logo…the logo was liberated…okay yall…

Angel City FC

I came across this one…and I don’t really understand honestly. Adweek.com says Angel City FC is “the first ever majority female owned soccer team gets a refresher look.” I went to the Angel City FC site…and I can’t make heads or tails out of it. It says it’s a soccer team…but its not a women’s soccer team…there’s no roster, no pictures of soccer players, no jerseys, no league info, just trendy ‘youth’ shots. But they sell stadium tickets? Honestly, IDK WTF this is and I don’t care, here’s their logo.

Portland Trailblazers

The Portland Trailblazers signed a deal with crypto blockchain company Storm X. The logo will be on the left breast of the jersey…for now…in ten years these corporate logos will probably take up as much of the jersey as the team name. I noticed that with the NHL where brand logos basically get the whole helmet now…no one cares about hockey helmets – but when they go for the jersey and shrink the team logo…I just can’t!


Logo Brands Inc retained exclusive rights to produce stuff (chairs, cups, tents…) with the Tar Heel logo on it. So sorry, if you had your heart set on making UNC bottle openers.

North Face/Futura

Look at that scribble – you know your branding team is totally out of ideas when they not only use random scribbling as your logo – but they copied the scribble from random graffiti…graffiti by a guy who probably tagged it “Futura”…and then you call your product “Future Light”…yikes!

So, there’s a good start to your July. I hope you enjoyed this post and if so, smash the star, and head on over to my Etsy shop to check out my original art for sale: Colorful-Original-Art by BumpkinPatchGallery on Etsy I’ve got all canvases on a 10% sale – working on new boards, new Wizard of Oz characters and a few smaller canvas series. Hope you have a great day and I’ll be back with another post soon.

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