Video: Drawing the Wicked Witch of the West



EDIT: Oh boy…so I’ve used Rumble as my video hosting platform here and if you’re viewing this in Reader…the video might not be there. This isn’t starting us off on the right foot I realize, but if you click on here or alternatively BumpkinPatchGallery over there, then click again on BumpkinPatchGallery it’ll take you to my site, go to Blog then you’ll see this post

Quick little blog post – continuing on with my Wizard of Oz stuff. I drew the Wicked Witch of the West last week and you can see why I can’t always charge commissions by time taken as sometime I have obstacles. 

On the witch though, I’m happy with the way she turned out and look forward to digitally painting her next week. I will have full color posters of her for sale on my Etsy shop afterward. 

In the scene from the book I chose here, she’s commanding a swarm of bees to go kill Dorothy and Toto. 

Thanks for dropping in, I hope you enjoyed this post and are having a wonderful weekend. If you’re so inclined, come on back sometime, you can find my artwork and takes on art by subscribing, liking, commenting, sharing. My other artwork is on my Etsy shop – 15% off original work through May 25. Thanks again for stopping by, if you’re a mom, happy Mother’s Day tomorrow and I hope I’ll see you again and I’ll be back with another post. Tschuss

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