Video: Drawing the Wicked Witch of the West

Sorry guys, this is a double test post – seeing what video formats work on the blog!

Quick little blog post – continuing on with my Wizard of Oz stuff. I drew the Wicked Witch of the West last week and you can see why I can’t always charge commissions by time taken as sometime I have obstacles. 

On the witch though, I’m happy with the way she turned out and look forward to digitally painting her next week. I will have full color posters of her for sale on my Etsy shop afterward. 

In the scene from the book I chose here, she’s commanding a swarm of bees to go kill Dorothy and Toto. 

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed this post – to those of you already subscribed, I apologize for the double post of this – just trying to figure out what video hosting platforms WP likes and doesn’t. I’ve got original art on sale through the 25th of May – 15% OFF, thanks again, hope you have a wonderful week and I’ll be back with another – NEW post!

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