Logo Rundown February

Just to change things up, I’ll try to look at the ever constant logo changing that goes on and we can just take a glance at a few.

  1. GM (General Motors)

The old logo featured capital letters and both underlined. The change is taking place to convey the idea of being more electric. I mean, there’s already General Electric…maybe just become that…that would convey electric…

2. KIA (Kia Motors)

So with this one, evidently Kia Motors is also sawing off the “Motors” portion of its name…sort of like how Dunkin Donuts is now just “Dunkin”…it makes about that much sense. Sure, it’s Kia Motors formally, but we’re all on a first name basis and everyone just calls it Kia anyway. The new logo…the old one was the letters KIA within an oval…sometimes red. This one…it looks like “KN”. I wouldn’t think that was Kia if I saw it, and it looks very inspired by logos you’d see on Forza or Need for Speed or whatever the hell the newer racing games are if anyone still plays racing games.

3. Cincinnati Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals may have the worst use of logo in the NFL with the possible exception of fellow Ohio team the Cleveland Browns. Their logo is the letter “B”…get it, B for Bengal…eh…Their secondary logo which is actually a render of a cat looks like a high school team logo. Something is going on with their layout for the 2021 season, but it’s not certain what. They say they’re keeping the “B”…IDKY.

4. Myntra

Myntra is a major E commerce site in India. The company was fine with their original logo, which is the one on the left. Take a look at it now before you read more…because you won’t unsee what I devulge.

So apparently 1…ONE person filed a complaint. ONE person…this is the world we’re in. The woman claimed that the logo was sexist…But to be honest, it could just as easily be a male…it could be seen either as an opening or an object hanging there…I swear if I look at it side-eyed…I see it ever so slightly swinging…Anyway, so they changed it to the one on the right so that the genitals overlapping transparency scheme is no longer there.

5. Burger King

You thought the last one was gonna be the dumbest, but no, I’ve saved that for last. So Burger King still exists and they’re changing their logo from the one on the left to the one on the right…

Sure, the one on the left clearly has that Orlando Magic 90’s vibe to it and features a seemingly plastic, shiny bun…but my iinitial reaction to the “new” one was that it looks like it’s straight outta the 60’s. Like it’s gotta be their first logo…and it pretty much is.

But about 5 seconds later, that’s when it really dawned on me what this looks like. I didn’t actually need confirmation, I already knew what was coming:

This shitty art style:

You’ve no doubt seen this all over the place by now – the big tech corporate art style. Facebook, Etsy, Air BNB…you name it, it’s got this bullshit somewhere in there. When you realize you just talked about…ice cream to a friend in person and suddenly FB is showing you ice cream on your feed…the “playful” and simpistic of this “art” style being their face is even all the more creepy…like clowns, or creepy dolls….shiver.

6. Bumpkin Patch Gallery

My own site here is switching from primarily using the pumpkin to the opossum logo. I used the pumpkin because obviously bumpkin rhymes with pumpkin and I’m here in flyover country so we’re just a bunch of hick bumpkins to the important folk. But, I enjoy opossums, I think they’re neat and interesting animals, so they’re the logo and I’ll probably be doing some more opossum paintings in the near future.

If you enjoyed this little dive, come back and I’ll post more, just little bite sized meanderings into art. If you’d like to check out my art, just jump over to my home page (bumpkinpatch.wordpress.com) where you can find my drawings, paintings, digitals and whatnot. I sell locally (in North Carolina) as well as online and will ship to you. HQ giclee cat prints starting at $7 all the way to original larger pieces – there’s something for anyone and I’ll take great pride and care for your order. Thanks alot and I’ll be right back with another post soon. Take care! und Tschuss!

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