Dreamwave Megaride

I had an idea to do something music looking – maybe something that looked like something in the vein of Lautrec’s posters. Then I thought maybe I’d do a person playing the keyboard and then other instruments, maybe something jazzy looking. Then after thinking about it a little longer, I thought retro 80’s would beContinue reading “Dreamwave Megaride”

Little Weekend Update

I painted 2 abstracts last week, I think they look pretty nice and I’m looking forward to finding a local spot to show them. Oil on canvas 28×22 inches. Over the weekend I participated in a little popup event, I didn’t get to take the 2 abstracts with me because they are both still wetContinue reading “Little Weekend Update”

About the Painting – Burgundy Boy

30×40, oil on canvas I wasn’t able to post last week and typically the first week of the month is when I update the Logo Rundown series, so a new one of those will be coming in the next couple of days! But, without further ado – Around October last year I bought a 30×40Continue reading “About the Painting – Burgundy Boy”

About the Piece – Eagle Nebula

At my university I signed on to be involved in a independent study and design and build an exhibit. The subject matter was dark matter. Dark matter is a type of theoretical matter that most of the universe of comprised of. While most physicists will dispute this – dark matter is similar in concept toContinue reading “About the Piece – Eagle Nebula”

About the Piece: Raccoon Balancing on a Tree at Night

Deciding what painting to look at next for this article came fairly easily. I wanted to include a few process photos and about the middle of the year I got a new phone and a new laptop, so I do not have lazy access to any process photos I may have had on them. Additionally,Continue reading “About the Piece: Raccoon Balancing on a Tree at Night”

About the Piece – North Hills in Raleigh

Until this year, I had only painted with acrylic. It’s less expensive and I was simply more familiar with it. That changed at the beginning of the year when a local arts and crafts store was shutting down and the entire inventory was 70% off or higher. So, I bought a few tubes of oilContinue reading “About the Piece – North Hills in Raleigh”

Creating a Monster

Most of the images we see are in their final state, but they don’t just happen that way-there’s a process. This post will give a basic look at the 4 main stages a piece will go through – each stage is also a potential stopping point in its own right. 1. Concept Before sitting down,Continue reading “Creating a Monster”