Building a Corporate Park – Part 1

A while back I started designing a candy shop. The idea would be like a retail candy shop with a walkway that connects it to the corporate/factory next door. But sort of abandoned the idea.

So over the weekend I made just a basic sketch of building ideas and though it might make a neat corporate center – and something to build upon my more marketable work – not so much just painting and drawing.

I made a sketch quick of a couple of buildings and imagined what it might be used for. And I created some imagined tenants.

Then looking at it, I decided it looked sort of whale-like – with the baleen mouths and such. I decided that would make a neat theme for a corporate center. I think it ought to be a fun appealing place considering many people do not want to go back to an office – at the same time the ‘open office’ concept seems like a failure. So, the corporate park I’m working on here is called Cetacea Center. This is a front view of the corporate center of it, consisting of 3 buildings at 5-6 floors each and a rooftop lounge/restaurant on one of them – and a parking deck.

And then I surmised this could hold about 6 corporate tenants of varying size – a few might take up multiple floors, a couple might take up half a floor and then in the downstairs lobbies there would be a few restaurants and coffee shop. I made up some logos of fictious companies.

Currently, I’m working on a top-down map view of the corporate park – which is on a pond with a little retail area and a hotel. So, mapping that out and afterwards, will be modeling this out in 3D and also have a couple of interior space views.

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