A few new

I’ve got a few golf paintings here – all 14×11, oil on canvas.

First one is of the Sawgrass course, second Augusta and lastly one of the local courses here in North Carolina.

I’m often asked or commented on my style – it’s pointillist, but not exactly like you might historically have reference to like Seurat or Signac…there’s a hybrid I think to what I do – obviously with their influence, but also a sense of other post impressionist work like vanGogh and later Cezan…but my pointillist brand is not entirely based around color theory in the way Seurat was.

But also people will inquire about the space left…the wood or canvas coming through – that’s by design. There’s an intended airyness- fracturedness that the picture is not bound together but could dissipate like shapes we see in clouds that are gone moments later.

But also another one of my influences, Roy Lichtenstein and the use of Benday dots, essentially also leaving space in between each circle of color.

This is just a doodle I did while riding to DC…no real direction – but I began steering towards something you might see as a medieval depiction – perhaps a woodcut.

Oil on Canvas

Then lastly, I posted this one before, but sort of a retro 1980’s scene. I wanted to make a sort of corporate tech looking character – corporate Memphis with an 80’s look and hints of actual Memphis design.


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