Dreamwave Megaride

I had an idea to do something music looking – maybe something that looked like something in the vein of Lautrec’s posters. Then I thought maybe I’d do a person playing the keyboard and then other instruments, maybe something jazzy looking. Then after thinking about it a little longer, I thought retro 80’s would be neat – and I had initially intended on doing solid colors – but people don’t recognize my work like that. So I went to my own style, pointillism.

I thought the guitar player would be interesting and…hip…if I made the him along the corporate Memphis style that pretty much all big tech use – the boneless, flat humanoids – only not quite that exactly. I gave him a Gibson Thunderbird. When I played guitar and in a band and my life was all about making music, I played a Fender Telecaster and thought Fenders were cool – they were definitely more affordable than Gibsons. But if I went back, I’d try to save up for a Thunderbird…if I start playing more nowadays, and can afford it, I’ll get a Thunderbird.

I used bright, saturated, unmuted colors as usual. But maybe there’s something eternal about this scene. I called it Dreamwave Megaride because that sounds totally 80’s – perhaps there’s something more…like this is a guitar players’ heaven on another plane…

Anyway. Its oil on canvas, 24×36 inches and I’ll probably list it in a couple of days…$400

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