Logo Rundown June


Following all the Ukrainian stuff, Russian McDonalds has decided to change its logo to what you see to the right. It’s removed the ‘M’ golden arches for what is supposed to represent a burger and fries…

The green with the muted orange…not appetizing…pretty gross actually

It looks a lot like the upside-down version of Warner Music Group’s logo.

Google Fit

Google Fit’s new look will have their heart logo, but disconnected and the colors shifted around a little.

It’s a little disjarring, having it not connected, like it sort of looks like a heart, but it also looks like it could be one of those boneless, flailing corporate Memphis characters contorted in some potentially painful new yoga pose.

Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers made a slight change to their logo set from bottom to top. Like most corpotate logos, they’ve increased flatness and minimalism. In the ‘CAVS’ logo, they’ve incorporated the old school version with the ‘V’ being a basketball hoop and a ball going into it…

But the biggest…most neutering and lame part of this is taking away the sword…why would you take the sword away? You take the sword away, you’re not a ‘cavalier’…you’re not anything formitable….you’re just a guy standing there in funny clothes.

On another note, I’ve streamlined my site over the weekend, should be super easy to navigate and follow now with available works, sold works and digital works. Free, next day – or same day depending on what time your order – Shipping. Reasonable priced original artwork. So check that out if you’ve got time or are in the market for something for a new home or office or maybe share it with someone who is.

Thanks, have a great week

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