NHL New Stanley Cup Finals Logo and Shameless SP

Hi everyone – this is typically the sort of thing I’d just set aside for the first of the month Logo Rundown series – but I am a hockey fan – GO CANES – and plus…I figured I throw another plug for my shop which I’m revamping – currently on 10% discount and for a short window of St. Patrick’s Day – 40% OFF EVERYTHING. If you’d like more of that, check out at the end of the post.

Alright so down to it – the NHL decided it was time to update the Stanley Cup Playoffs look and feel. This is to the right. Listen, just to preface, the playoffs official logo scheme is not a major point of interest – like for anyone. But when people change something everyone’s gotta bitch about it. I’m on my HOA, I know this.

So what have we got here, the cup, year, banner, words and NHL shield. Essentially the same elements in the previous iteration…BUT there are some differences…differences we’re seeing as a trend.

To the right here is the old Stanley Cup logo. So we have the same color scheme just with much more black on the new one. The new logo is I guess fine – since no one cares…but if this was my team’s logo, I’d be pissed.

So first off, notice how the old logo is compact – it’s essentially one unified item made up of the elements…this will work as a patch on a uniform, it works as a logo on the ice and easily on the scoreboard branding on the screen…the new one is not contained in this way…it’s got the line down at the bottom to anchor it, but it’s not a contained piece.

The cup element…the new cup looks like its a 3D rendering…it looks fine, but the detail in the names on the cup…a bit overkill and won’t translate to embroidery and smaller renderings very well. The banner on the new one is about the same proportions as a real banner that hangs in a stadium. The words…the typeface, the font…very straight and no frills. The new logo was pitched as being “energetic” but the old one is dynamic and well done…the new one is static and boring…not to say they can’t have an update. I will give them mega props to using a 3D rendered cup but they went the opposite direction with the words…where they were dynamic, thick and multitoned…it announced “action”…the new script announces “random font choice in MS Word.”

But, like we looked at last week – this is a trend. We see this with Street Fighter for example, where there’s the 2 toned dynamic script…I get it, it is definitely dated. This 2 toned thick, diagonal font is totally 1980’s…but I would submit, that’s what people who want to play Street Fighter are looking for as opposed to the new logo Capcom put out for it (below) which is clearly not the game you’d be looking for if you were going on the logo alone…If I picked up a game and that logo was the cover, I would be expecting an ultra realistic, very grounded MMA simulation type game – not “HADOKEN”

Same sort of deal here. This logo went from fun and dynamic to a basic…serious sort of look. Just to be clear, this is what Street Fighter is and what people expect of it:

So there is a trend with entertainment outlets looking to be seen as more serious…but this is supposed to be entertainment and a break from it all…it’s supposed to be gaughty and over the top.

I get it’s supposed to be a cleaner more streamlined look – but I would submit that the more streamlined and free of flair something…a society, a video game becomes, the more boring, meaningless…nihilistic it becomes.

So that’s the post – the finals start at the end of next month and I’m thinking my Canes get pretty far in it. Have a great weekend

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