Drawing the Scarecrow

The basic pose concept I had for this was pretty simple – Scarecrow has a bright idea. Everyone knows the Scarecrow wants a brain throughout the first several chapters of the book. Yet, he is usually the one coming up with ideas for the group. For this pose, I took a selfie of myself for reference. I wanted him to feel a bit lanky, sort of like the actor in the film, but also I wanted this rendition to be its own.

So, I used mainly earthy tones for him and muted blues. He’s made of old blue clothes and stuffed with straw. His face is painted. I think if the Munchkins were painting his facial features, maybe they paint a little more design on his face. So, these are the concepts for his face. He reads a book.

He’s flanked by a couple of crows because, well, he’s not a very good scarecrow. The fencing is old blue, wooden and weathered. A cornfield is behind him and the sky, I wanted it like the sky in the Nirvana Heart Shaped Box music video, which is based on the Wizard of Oz.

Thanks for stopping by, this is what the blog is. I do concept art, logos, etc… I also sell and make oil/acrylic/watercolor paintings – https://www.etsy.com/shop/BumpkinPatchGallery?ref=seller-platform-mcnav – stop by, check it out, get a painting. Have a great day, we’ll see you later.

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